Life Stories Vision

To chronicle and capture stories of your loved ones so that family and friends will be able to share in the legacies and memories of those they hold dear in their hearts. To create a lasting memory that will last for years to come. From generation to generation. 

Life Stories Idea

I've always loved hearing stories from my parents and grandparents. Stories about their childhood and their younger years. Stories of adventure and a more simple time. 

Capturing my families stories on video has been invaluable and has allowed me and my family to have a lasting visual memory of our loved ones.

I want to share this idea with everyone and give other grandchildren and children the opportunity to remember their loved ones with these unique pieces.


Pricing for these pieces are tiered based simply on time.


$750 - 4 hours of "interview" filmed and edited. Sent digitally.

$500 - 2 hours of "interview" filmed and edited. Sent digitally.

$225 - 1 hour of "interview" filmed and edited. Sent digitally.

$150 - One specific story or message filmed and edited.


All interviews and stories filmed as well as editing are billed on hourly rate. Additional time and editing will be billed accordingly.